Packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry

Blister foil

Blister foil (PTP)

Blister aluminum foil is a flexible primary packaging that is intended for sealing plastic blisters. Due to the high protective properties, this type of packaging for a long time retains the same properties of the packed product. Pharmaceutical foil is available in rolls of the customer`s required parameters (width and weight). On one side, foil (Aluminum) is applied thermal coat (HSL), on the other - the primer and printing (Print). The application of 5-color printing is possible on both the glossy and the matte side of the material.

Multilayer laminated materials

Laminated paper

Laminated paper is a dual-layer paper made of paper and polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene provides paper barrier properties, and paper in its turn prevents stretching of the material. Laminated paper is suitable for all types of printing (Print) and is resistant to mechanical stresses and abrasion.

Blister Eco

Blister Eco combines Print (Paper) and Aluminum (Thermal Laminate) Aluminum Foil (HSL). This material is a great alternative to classical blister foil with lower cost. Due to its composition, the packaging is resistant to external influences.

Packaging Sachet

In the pharmaceutical industry, packaging Sachet is used for all types of dry foods and dietary supplements. Thanks to aluminum (Aluminum) and polyethylene (PE), packaging creates a barrier against external factors. The advantage of the material is high tightness and increased abrasion resistance. The material can be printed (Print).

Tropical Blister

This advanced packaging material creates a stable barrier for moisture, light, oxygen and other gases, which increases the shelf life of the dasg. The combination of polyamide (PA) and aluminum foil (Aluminum) with thermo layer (HSL) as part of this material enhances protection against mechanical damage.

Packaging Alu Alu

The packaging provides high resistance to moisture, temperature, and ultraviolet rays, and provides maximum protection for medical products with increased protection requirements due to the combination of aluminum foil (polyamide) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Strip Pack

Pharmaceutical packaging of aluminum foil (Aluminum) with printing (Print) and polyethylene (PE) exhibits high chemical resistance. Provides a reliable barrier against moisture and ultraviolet rays, has excellent thermal welding properties. Used for strip packaging of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, and the like.