Packing materials for the food industry

Packaging for confectionery

Foil for packing chocolate

Packaging for chocolate from a foil (Aluminum) in thickness of 11-14 microns with heat seal lacquer (HSL). Depending on the needs of the customer, the packaging material may be embossed and (or) printed (Print). This type of packaging is characterized by durability, waterproofness, lightness and attractive aesthetic appearance. The packaging maintains the required humidity of chocolate, which increases the shelf life of the product.

Packaging for sweets

Packaging material based on aluminum foil with a thickness of 11-50 microns with printing (Print) and (or) embossing (Embossing). For the manufacture of packaging material, can be used both hard aluminum (hard aluminum) and soft aluminum (soft) can be used.

Packaging for sweets

Packaging material for sweets based on aluminum (Aluminum) / Glue/ Paper (Paper) printed or ed. Material is resistant to moisture, light and mechanical damage.

Packing materials for melted cheeses

Packaging for melted cheeses

Thermal Lacquer (HSL) Aluminum and Barrier Lacquer are used in the packaging of processed cheeses and provide reliable protection of the product against the penetration of light and bacteria, which increases the shelf life of the product. 5-color printing (Print) on the packaging is available.

Easy Open Tape

The Easy Open Tape is used in conjunction with a packaging for melted cheeses to fast and easy open of the product.

Packing materials for butter and dairy products

Packaging for Butter

Multilayer packing foil of aluminum (Aluminum) with printing (Printing), two layers of polyethylene (PE) and paper (Paper). Provides product protection against external influences. The material is used in butter and margarine packaging.

Ice Cream Packaging (laminated paper)

Packaging for ice cream based on paper (paper) and polyethylene (PE) can withstand low temperatures without changing their protective properties. 5-color printing (Print) is possible on the packaging material.

Packaging for ice cream (foil)

This type of packaging exhibits high protective properties. Color printing (Print) on foil (Aluminum) gives the product an attractive aesthetic look.

Cover for sealing plastic cups

The aluminum foil cover (Aluminum) with printing (Printing) and (or) Embossing (Embossing) and HSL is widely used as lids for plastic cups. Thanks to the use of universal HSL coating, such covers are equally well soldered to any container (polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene), which makes them a universal packaging material. The material has high barrier properties - protection from light and bacteria, which increases the shelf life of the product.

Other packaging materials

Packaging for yeast

Multilayer packaging material combining aluminum foil with printing ability, wax (WAX) and paper (Paper) provides protection against moisture, vapors and gases.

Packaging material for cigarettes

The packaging material of aluminum foil (Aluminum) and paper (Paper) is used as an inner package for cigarettes. The material protects the product from moisture, as well as preserves the aroma, for example, in flavored cigarettes.

Foil for beauty salons

Aluminum foil (Aluminum) is an indispensable material in the professional work of the hairdresser. The material has excellent thermal insulation properties without entering into a chemical reaction with paint.