LLC "Aveo - Company" is certified ISO 22000: 2005 (НАССР)

From May 23, 2019, the "AVEO - Company" LTD is certified by the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005  "Food safety management system. Requirements for any organization in the food chain" which includes the principles of HACCP.

HACCP is systematic approach to the indentification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards based on the following seven principles:

Principle 1: Conduct a hazard analysis.

Principle 2: Determine the critical control points.

Principle 3: Establish critical limits.

Principle 4: Establish monitoring procedures.

Principle 5: Establish corrective actions.

Principle 6: Establish verification procedures.

Prinsiple 7: Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures.